How would I define my specific decorating style? In my normal everyday life, I am not defined by just one role. I am a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, relative and so on. It is the same for decorating.  I like modern, contemporary, eclectic and traditional styles. If I had a cabin or lived near the coast, I’m sure I could get into the coastal/beach style and….every once in awhile I spoon over shabby chic decor.

 I have taken those online “define your decorating style” quizzes and I usually end up either contemporary or eclectic as my main defining style. That is how I will decorate my guest bedroom. A “little bit” contemporary and a “little bit” eclectic. Almost sounds like a song by the Osmond’s, doesn’t it?

Houzz.com defines a contemporary home by a “less is more” look. I explained that I do not like clutter. Almost to a fault. I tend to toss a little to quickly sometimes and I am not a big collection collector. Although, I do have a collection of Dept.56 Christmas houses that I love to get out at Christmastime.  Contemporary is also characterized by clean lines, modern, fresh,yet warm and welcoming. Colors are neutral with black and white accents letting shapes and textures take the spot light. A great example below~

Eclectic rooms mix family treasures and personal favorites from several different store types.You can shop in modern stores, flea markets and thrift stores.  It’s the mix that creates the eclectic style. Colors are not strictly defined but adding wallpaper, stripes (remember my living room stripes) and some natural elements help define the style. I like to think of it as mixing one or more styles as in the photos below.

How do you define your style? Do you have one defining style or do you like more than one like me?

Photo credits to hgtv.com

~ watch for more photos tomorrow~