One of the main reasons I started my blog was becasue I enjoy reading blogs. I enjoy the ideas people share, finding different ways to do things, the connections you make and realizing we aren’t alone in our daily struggles.

Today I am going to share some of my favorite ways to get decorating inspiration. First, I get tips from magazines.  Oh….how I love to sit down on my comfy chair on a cold day or on my lounge chair outside on a warm day and peruse through the pages of a magazine for ideas! Not everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure but I also like to tell myself that it is market research. I have to stay on top of the latest trends for home staging and merchandising, too.

These are just the magazines I have for the month of October! One of my favorites is Elle Decor. You can read an online version of it as well but for now I prefer the old fashion type. I am pretty good about keeping my magazine storage level pretty low. I am not a clutter person so if there is an article or picture I really want to save I just cut it out and keep it in my personal idea binder and the rest of the magazines I give away to my friends and family.

 Another source to go to for inspiration;web sites. Now, I could go on and on and on here, but the ones I seem to go back to most frequently are www.potterybarn.com, www.hgtv.com, www.marthastewart.com (under her site she also has several blog topics) and www.dwell.com.

I am also a big fan of www.houzz.com. You can create a profile and/or browse through thousands of photos of decorated spaces both interior and exterior. I have a link on my side bar. Beware, it can be very addicting and time consuming….but lots of fun.

A lot of people who I follow also like Pinterest at www.pinterest.com. I just recently joined and have not had time to start to “pin” yet but I have seen some great ideas off of other people blog that came from pinterest.

These are some of the ways I gather ideas and inspiration, let me know some of your favorites….it’s always fun to share.