Last year a group of bloggers (8 of them) got together in October and did a 31 day blogging challenge. I happen to follow a couple of them and they are getting together to do it again this year and asked others to join. So, I’m joining in!

In the words of one of the other bloggers in the challenge, I think I can. I think I can. I think I can…….no, I will!!

It’s called 31 Days to…….with a commitment to write a post every day in October on one topic.

My topic? Decorating a room with only $31.00, in 31 days. Thanks to my friend Janice for helping me with the concept.

More details coming soon!

You can check out of couple of the bloggers in this series at www.reluctantentertainer.com/blog or www.thenester.com (under nesting place) for more info and more links. Please be patient with my blogging skills, I know there’s a better way to link up with sites, just haven’t figured it out yet.

~and big THANKS to my daughter-in-law, Amy for making me this button to use for my series.

See you in October, every day……I think I can. I think I can. I think I can……..