Small-Box Retailing

According to Visual Merchandising and Store Design Magazine, the large superstores are up and Small-Box retailing is next.

Mass merchandisers have announced plans to build smaller 60,000 to 100,00-square foot stores such as the new ” City Target”. The new concept is rolling out now to a half-dozen cities around the country and Walmart is also on board building new Walmart Express Neighborhood Market stores at an even smaller range of 15,000-square feet.

The reason? Retailers are simply running out of space. Opportunities to build another couple hundred superstores at 200,000-square feet are diminishing but there is plenty of space for the smaller stores. I don’t know about you but I welcome the smaller stores, it’s just easier and quicker to run into a smaller store and bigger is not always better.

Santa in September?

I first read about this in USA Today and witnessed it this week while doing some merchandising work in Kohl’s. They are starting to set up their Holiday Christmas Pods this week. Walmart and J.C. Penny are also slated to start selling Christmas before the end of this month.

According to USA Today, because of the lack luster economy this year Christmas is rolling out early. “They know a substantial number of consumers will pick out Christmas tree ornaments even as they’re picking out Halloween pumpkins” says Mike Gatti, of the National Retail Federation’s marketing division.

Really…….I’m not sure about that. Time will tell though, unfortunately if it works, next year they will start to roll out in late August, then what?

Gaga’s Workshop

Barneys of New York announced that it’s collaborating with Lady Gaga on a multifaceted holiday campaign. Opening in mid-November (so they say, might be earlier!), Gaga’s Workshop theme will center on the pop stars own interpretation of Santa’s Workshop.

According to the article it will be a whole experience, with window displays and a dedicated shopping environment. I am guessing it will be an experience for sure and I would love to see it!

Barneys across the US………………………..