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My gallery wall is not new. In fact it has been up for a couple of years. I was actually thinking about taking it down to rework the space but have noticed that they still seem to be everywhere. I found some in my latest edition of Elle Decor magazine and almost every other magazine I pick up.  So, I decided to keep it and yesterday I tweaked it a bit.  Now I am looking for a couple more pieces to add to the collection, maybe a couple of small round mirrors.

My wall didn’t cost much money. Just picture frames I had. Ok, I did buy a couple new ones. The worst mistake I made was getting rid of the glass and backing for most of them….really wish I hadn’t done that. So, if you do it I would suggest keeping them.

I saw the idea at one of my favorite places Pottery Barn. They had used it in a small bedroom and since everything at my house is small, I thought that’s for me!

There are two reasons I didn’t use photos in the frames; (which totally perplexed the hubby)

1) All of my photos are of my kids when they were little and now they are grown men!

2) I thought that since the hallway is so small, leaving them empty would help give the illusion of a larger space.

I don’t really think there is any right or wrong way to do a gallery wall. I probably should have measured the spacing out but I just used my eye and did what was visually appealing to me. Also keep in mind the area I was working with was pretty small and down a hallway so it didn’t require a lot of detail.

If you want some help creating one there are some great styling tips I found at Pottery Barn. 

Here are some other true gallery walls I found. It would be fun to have the wall space to fill!





Gallery Wall


Photos credits to casasugar.com,potterybarn.com and gallery wall images.