I had two main goals in staging this room.

One was to take the focus off of the furniture and plants and draw your eyes through the room. It was beautiful furniture for sure,  but when you entered the room, I felt that was what your eyes were drawn to, not the entire space. It was a huge room with an adjoining dining area and I wanted the buyers to see how big the room was.

The second was to use the fireplace as a focal point. To do that I re-arranged the two club chairs, placing them in front of the fireplace. Moving them created a great place to sit and enjoy the fire.

I also added some colorful pillows to the sofa and reworked the accessories in the room, all coming from different areas of the home. The dining room table lost its covering and wall hangings.

A hint when putting your home on the market…. remember it is now a product for sale and you live in it different than you market/sell it, especially if you want top dollar.

If you would like a consultation or need help staging your home, please contact me.