Before-Main Living area

This past Monday and Tuesday I attended a Home Staging Workshop in Skokie, IL given by Lori Matzke, from Center Stage Home, a pioneer in the Home Staging world. She started her company in 1999 and hasn’t looked back. It was a hands on workshop and I loved every minute of it.

Lucky for us there were a couple of late minute cancellations which left us with lots of quality time with Lori. We worked hard, laughed a ton and learned a lot! We did the main focal rooms in the house. Living Room, Dining Room, Sunroom and a little Study.

I am working toward for my designation as a Home Staging Expert and soon as I submit my final project I will earn that. This was an interesting area in the main Living Room that we decided rather than take down, which would leave huge holes in the walls, we would try to just make it look, well….. useable, or at the very least mesh with the room. The new home owners can take it down.


Before Cabinet in Sunroom

This dark green cabinet in the dark sunroom, with the dirty carpet needed a little refreshing. I decided to give it a neutral summer look. Ideally, the room would have been painted and the carpets windows and screens cleaned but since this home is no longer occupied we didn’t have that luxury.



Thank you Lori for a great workshop…..you rock!