While recently surfing blogland (sorry I don’t remember which one) I read a post about two friends who walked together every morning. What one of the girls loved most about visiting the others home was she always had fresh flowers on her countertop. Not the expensive kind delivered to her door but just the plain ol’ cellophane wrapped ones like these.

A lightbulb went off in my head! There is nothing I love more than fresh flowers. Why do we only buy them for special occasions? Why don’t we celebrate every week with flowers? I could drink one less Starbucks and my hubby could drink one less Energy drink and that would pay for the flowers. This bunch only cost me $7.99. So, I decided that I am going to try to keep fresh flowers in the house more often, too.  Maybe every Friday! Call it Friday’s Flowers. We’ll see how it goes.

I will not bore you with how I did the arrangement. It is pretty self-explanatory. I did have to add some Lilly’s and Hosta leaves that were in my backyard. I have never tucked Hostas into arrangements before and it’s kind of hard to see them but I think I would love to use them again in a very contemporary way. So, here’s the finished product. Boy, do I wish I had a garden full of flower’s now.

Happy Weekend!