This card arrived on my doorstep 2 weeks ago. Welcome to the world of Visual Merchandising always getting ready for the next season. Although it did take me by surprise because it just doesn’t seem possible that we are in that 1/2 of the year yet.                    


Before I agreed to take on this project, I did a little research. I found out the hard way to always check out companies that I am not familiar with! Williams Creative Group is a Creative Floral Design Servicing Company based out of Nashville, TN. They service stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Macy’s, Service Merchandise and many more. They hire designers from all over the US to go into stores and set up Christmas Tree displays, fluff and decorate them as well as other floral design services.

 But really, who knew that there were companies out there that  focus mainly on Christmas Tree set up and design? They told me that they have one retired couple that goes to 15 different stores in their travel trailer and do nothing but Christmas trees. That is how they supplement their retirement. Not a bad gig really!

So, I agreed to take the project and will be doing approximately 24 to 27 trees this October. Wish me luck. I’ll take some pictures and post during the se-tup if I can still hold my arms up.