Had some extra time on my hands today….stopped by one of my favorite outdoor shopping spots to look for some white accent pieces for my home. I am not a huge fan of the country look as far as decorating but love to browse through just in case! You really can’t help but love a place like this…full of color, flowers planted in almost everything and anything. Just makes me happy. I didn’t score anything today but had a few quiet minutes to myself  looking, daydreaming and enjoying the sunshine.

The owner of the Market is Jennifer Goodlove aka (The Farmer’s Daughter). You can check them out at www.fdmarket.com.

The Farmer's Daughter's Market Welcomes you!


I may go back for this one, it has possibilities.


The potting shed I presume.

I spotted these little white houses thought they might work for me but still a little to country.

The outdoor area is filled with unique pieces just laying around!